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Copeland Roofing & Siding has been installing vents and Soffits in the Dayton Ohio area since 1965. Read our customers' testimonials.

Do You Need roof ventilation?

Here are some common symptoms that may mean you need a new roof ventilation system:

  • Internal Ceiling Leak
  • Mold problem
  • Paint Blisters
  • Ineffective Insulation
  • Delaminating Wood
  • Rotting Wood

Copeland Roofing Can Help

Ventilation problems are sometime hard for the average person to diagnose. What appears to be a leaking roof due to faulty shingles may actually be a ventilation problem. If you think you have a roof ventilation problem, contact us for a free analysis and quote.

Why Is Proper Roof Ventilation Important?

Ventilation is the process of supplying a continuous supply of air through the attic space. Intake should be under the eaves. Exhaust should be near or at the peak.

Home ventilation is important to minimize or eliminate the negative effects of heat and moisture so that you preserve the structural integrity of your home. You must ventilate year-round.

Heat in unventilated attics may cause temperatures to exceed 150 degrees, causing damage to shingles, roof sheathing, and possibly your living area. Moisture can cause rot, mildew, mold, paint blisters, and renders insulation ineffective.

Proper ventilation reduces energy bills, winter ice build up and eliminates mold/mildew which can lead to major health problems. By ventilating, you are extending the life of other building components, shingles, insulation, etc.

Ventilation System Options

  • Gable louvers (Triangular vents, rectangular vents)
  • Roof Louvers (Pan style, Slant back
  • Ridge Line Ventilators
  • Turbine Ventilators
  • Power Ventilators
  • Under Eave Ventilators (Under eave cornice vents and Cirk-L-Vents, Continuous Soffit Vents and Starter Vents)
  • Cupola (with Weather Vane accessories)

How to Choose the Best Ventilation System for Your Home

The style of your roof will influence your choice

  • Gable Roof? We recommend ridge vents for maximum exposure from end-to-end of your roof.
  • Hip Roof? We recommend power fans that come with thermostat controls and kick on/off automatically. Don't forget to add box vents on both gable ends to help out the power fan to extend its life.

Size the System Properly for the Size of Your Home

A ventilation system must be properly sized for your home. So the first step is to determine your attic size in square feet. Then choose an exhaust system based on your attic size. Finally, choose the intake vents based on the total square feet in your attic.

Tip for Choosing a Ventilation System from Your Friends at Copeland Roofing

The vents are only as good as the air coming through the soffits, so make sure you have enough soffits to do the job.

Visit our showroom in Beavercreek and look at samples of all the soffit and vent products available for ventilating your attic.

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