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Battle of the Roofs: Tear Off or Overlay?

When choosing a new roof for your home, there's a lot to think about. One of those things is whether to shingle over an existing layer or to tear off the current roof and replace it with new shingles. Here are some pros and cons for you to help you decide!


Choosing to install shingles over the ones already there does save you some money. Unfortunately, that's basically where its benefits end. An overlay can't be installed over dimensional shingles, so if the current roof is dimensional, that option isn't even available. Also, modern regulations don't allow for more than two layers on the roof. If there are two (or more!) layers already, a tear off is required.

If your roof is eligible for an overlay, it's important to keep in mind the added weight another layer will put on your roof. That extra weight could cause issues down the road. Finally, an overlayed roof doesn't last as long. You would be doing another replacement sooner than if you went with a tear off.

Tear Off

When a roof is installed as a tear off, all the old shingles are removed, which can help the installer find areas of bad wood. Warped, rotted, or deteriorated wood can be a source of leaks. It's important for those areas to be replaced. When they are replaced with some new, sturdier wood foundation, it creates a more durable base for the shingles.

A tear off gives your roof a fresh start. You don't have to worry about any hidden problems. A tear off roof lasts longer than an overlayed roof, which gives you peace of mind for years to come. This peace of mind does come with a higher cost than an overlay, however, so that is something to consider.

Whichever is the best option for you, Copeland is happy to provide an estimate! Give us a call for a representative to assess your needs and we'll get you on track for a new roof.


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