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Dayton Roofing Tips for Historic Homes

The Miami Valley is full of rich history, and many of the area’s homes are no exception. Owning a historic home bears a lot of responsibility, especially when it comes time to make improvements. We picked the brain of Dayton’s Preservation Officer Holly Hornbeak as to what expectations there were when updating the roof of a historic home in Dayton. Here are the major points of what she shared with us, and for your particular home, we recommend seeking further specific guidance.

For the most part, roofs on historic homes need to be medium or dark shades of brown, black, or gray. Shingles with prominent areas of white should be avoided. They do allow for dimensional shingles, which Copeland quotes as standard in our proposals. Dimensional shingles are durable and come in several colors within the required shades which you can choose from.

The historic home, even when getting a new roof, also needs to have its embellishments preserved, such as decorative fascia, soffits, ornamental ridge caps, cresting, or roof finials. If you would like to have any of those removed or adjusted, it must be approved. This is to maintain the historic character of the property, which is valuable not only to the home but to the historic integrity of the surrounding neighborhood as well.

They recommend if you have a slate roof to keep it intact as much as possible, making repairs if needed over an entire roof replacement, since slate has such longevity. Also, if the shingles are decorative wooden or scalloped, every effort should be made to maintain that same appearance with replacement shingles. Unfortunately, Copeland doesn’t work with slate or wood shake roofs, but we are happy to assist with our other services like replacement gutters or entry doors!

It’s a great honor to own a historic home, with the many moments and memories it has held across decades. Our office is a previous farmhouse, and much of the structural elements have been carried through from the original architecture. We understand and appreciate the need for upholding the historic look of such special buildings. Give Copeland a call if you’d like a free estimate that can conform to your historic home’s specific needs!


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