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Ask the Expert: Dayton Roofing Inspections

Buying or selling a house can be a whirlwind of an experience! Copeland Roofing has performed hundreds of roof inspections and we are very familiar with what it can entail. Our inspectors have compiled a list of five issues they see that often come up in our reports.

1. Age of the roof – Certain loan types have strict guidelines for how much life must be left in the shingles for that kind of loan to be used. An older roof with limited life might not meet those expectations and replacement may be necessary.

2. Ventilation – If the wrong types of vents are used, or not enough are present, it can wreak havoc on the interior of the roof and even lead to mold or mildew in your attic. You also want to make sure that any bathroom fans are piped all the way out to the exterior.

3. Poor workmanship – When shingles aren’t installed to manufacturer specifications, or sloppy repairs are done, more work may need to be done to correct it, which can add up even if the roof is newer.

4. Faulty flashing – Roofs have many parts that come up through them, whether they’re furnace stacks or plumbing flanges, and they need to be sealed properly. If the flashing around them deteriorates, you might find leakage inside.

5. Weather damage – Truthfully, bad weather can hit us out of nowhere. You never know which hailstorm or windy day is going to cause unnoticed damage to the roof. A roof that looks fine from the ground could have damage from a storm years ago that never got checked.

If you’re needing a roof inspection for the sale of a home, give us a call and we’ll set one up for you!

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Michelle Amanda
Michelle Amanda
Feb 04, 2023

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