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Exciting News from Copeland Roofing!

We were recently recognized as a “Neighborhood Favorite” through NextDoor for 2021! We are overwhelmingly thankful to our customers who recommended us so highly to help us achieve this honor. We wouldn’t be where we are today without your trust in our quality services and endorsement to your friends and neighbors.

If you’re not familiar with NextDoor, it’s a neighborhood-based social media platform. You’re guaranteed to interact with those in your local area. Topics such as lost pets, service referrals, road closures, public events, requests for assistance, etc. are discussed among neighbors. It’s another way to connect as a community and get information that is most relevant to you.

NextDoor announced that only 2% of the businesses who use NextDoor get this award. It is an award purely based on word-of-mouth recommendations on their platform. To know that such an elite group of businesses is given this distinction makes us all the more proud to have earned it!

Our NextDoor business profile can be found here. To find where you can locate all the 2021 Neighborhood Favorites, look at this list. Once again, thank you to all our neighbors who have made this possible!


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