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Aha! Understanding Dayton Roofing Warranty Terms

When you receive an estimate from Copeland, you’ll find the list of any applicable warranties near the bottom of the proposal. But, you might be wondering what those warranties mean and what they cover. You’ve come to the right place!

Labor warranty

The labor warranty that is listed describes the time period for which Copeland will fix labor-related issues for you. It does vary based on the nature of the work. This time period begins once the work is completed and expires at the end of the time period noted. These issues include if a shingle is loose or a gutter is leaking.

The warranty does not cover damage done by animals, trees, people, etc. that were not as a result of our labor. So, if your neighbor throws a frisbee wide and cracks your soffit, or if a raccoon makes himself a door from your dormer, our labor warranty, unfortunately, would not cover those repairs. It’s also important to note that this warranty is provided to the person the work was done for. If you sell your home, the warranty does not automatically transfer.

Material warranty

The material warranty is offered by the manufacturer against defects in the production of those materials. For instance, if shingles prematurely crack, gutter guards blister or vinyl shutters flake because they were made incorrectly, those issues could be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Each manufacturer has different qualifications and terms for their material warranty, so the best way to determine those specifications for your particular product is to check on the manufacturer’s website or contact them directly.

We are glad you’ve chosen Copeland to provide an estimate for you and hope this helps answer questions you may have about the warranties offered with it. If you still need clarification, don’t hesitate to give us a call!


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