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What’s That For? Dayton Roofing Questions Answered! Ice and Water Shield Edition

There can be jargon-y words on your roofing estimate that you might not be familiar with. We’re here to help you understand what they mean! Let's put the spotlight on the ice and water shield.

The ice and water shield, which we install above the gutters, around chimneys, and in valleys, is a barrier against leakage by creating a rubberized layer in those vulnerable roof areas. The area above the gutter is susceptible to what are called ice dams: where melted snow collects at the eaves and re-freezes. This melting and re-freezing can cause damage to the roof and produce leaking. The ice and water shield protects against that. In fact, in many geographical locations with inclement winters, it is required to be installed in that area with a roof.

That same melting and re-freezing can build up in the valleys and by chimneys, so installation of the ice and water shield in those areas is beneficial as well. These areas can also get some wind-driven rain, and having the ice and water helps guard the roof from that weather condition, too. No one wants to find leaks after getting a brand new roof! The ice and water shield gives you that peace of mind.

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