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Ask the Expert: Five Warning Signs of Dayton Roofing Scams!

Large-ticket home expenses, like roof replacement, can, unfortunately, draw the attention of people who use shady business practices. This harms the customers, as well as the industry, and we want to help you know how to spot a scam and avoid it. See below for some of the common reports we encounter.

1. Out of Towners

Did they show up right after a storm from another state? You may not want to pursue work with them, as it can be difficult to get any follow-through if warranted work crops up. Local companies that are established in the community often give competitive prices for the same work. You don’t want to create more headaches for yourself later just to save a couple of hundred dollars.

2. They Did Work in the Area

They may have said they’ve done work for a neighbor and noticed yours also needs work. You don’t have to take their word for it. Ask your neighbors for roofer recommendations and see if the story checks out. You’ll also get actual referrals from people you trust in case you do need a new roof.

3. Unsolicited Contact

Did they just show up on your doorstep or a flyer appeared in your mailbox? If you didn’t contact them, it’s hard to know if they’re trustworthy. Check their reviews or look at their website to see what you can find about them before giving them your business.

4. No Physical Location or Internet Presence

They handed you a card, but you’ve never heard of their company. So, you checked the phone book or searched the internet and found nothing listed. That could be enough to make you steer clear. Reach out to a reputable company you know is licensed and insured to get your estimates.

5. Guarantees a Free Roof

No one can promise how an insurance company will resolve a claim. This is a big red flag if they hinge their work on the insurance company covering the cost. You should also be cautious before you file a claim, as it could affect your premiums. Get multiple opinions from companies you know to be reliable before going down that route.

We hope you never find yourself in one of these situations, but these warning signs may just be the thing you need to prevent a bad outcome!


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