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Dayton Roofing - Does One Size Fit All?

Chances are your roof is different from your neighbor's. We do lots of quotes all over the Miami Valley and we've found that roofs can sometimes be like a fingerprint! Because of this, the pricing we provide on our estimates takes a lot of different elements into consideration. Materials: Different types of shingles have different price points. We generally quote for mid-range dimensional shingles, but there are some that are heavier weight which our customers ask us to install for a higher price. Also, the quantity of wood that needs to be replaced for your roof to ensure a secure installation can make a difference. The types and quantity of venting required do factor in as well. Size and pitch: As you can imagine, a larger roof will cost more than a smaller roof. In addition, a steeper roof can involve cost changes. These are aspects of roofs that require specific measurements and observations, which we acquire for each quote that we provide. Miscellaneous: Some roofs include dormers and some don't. Not all roofs have chimneys. There are roofs that have many valleys and those that have none. Some roofs have skylights. All of these features, and more, are used to narrow down the cost for each individual roof. Taking all of this into account, you can see how difficult it would be to give pricing sight unseen. Our estimates are free, and you can be assured that the quote you receive is custom crafted to fit your unique home!

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4 days ago

Every roof is unique, like a fingerprint! Our pricing considers various factors like materials, size, pitch, and any extras like dormers or chimneys. This personalized approach ensures you get a tailored quote for your home. With free estimates, you can trust we've got you covered!

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