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The Dos and Don'ts of Hanging Your Holiday Lights

Whether you're going all out or just hanging a few twinklers here and there, putting holiday lights on your home can be a challenge. Make it easy on yourself by following the tips below for a safe and festive holiday season!

DO get the right materials Some lights are not meant to be used outdoors, so double-check that the ones you intend to use are ok for that. Also, make sure that you know where your outlets are and if any extension cords will be needed. There are also products available to protect your plugs from the elements so the connectors aren't left lying in puddles of water or in a pile of leaves or snow.

DON'T use staples, nails, screws, tacks, etc. Not only can sharp fasteners such as these compromise the lights' wiring, but they can also damage your roofing or gutters. In addition, metal-on-metal can create electrocution hazards that no one wants to deal with. Stick with plastic fasteners that come in plenty of styles and sizes to fit your specific decoration needs. Don't let your holiday season go up in flames.

DO plan ahead Having your lights' layout arranged beforehand can save you headaches later on, as well as testing the strands to see if they will all light up. Asking yourself questions prior to starting the project can be helpful: Do you need more of a certain color bulb? Will you need more fasteners where last year's display kept coming loose in certain areas? Were any changes made to the house that could affect how the lights are arranged? Should you scale back or amp it up based on your current finances? Did your neighbor steal your North Pole theme idea and now you have to change your motif?

DON'T put your safety at risk Use appropriate equipment for what you're doing, and having a buddy or spotter is always a good idea. Standing on a stack of lawn chairs isn't going to cut it if you need a ladder. If your roof is steep, additional precautions may be needed to prevent falls, such as footwear treads. Go over all the wiring and connections to check for anything loose or exposed that could cause a fire, and don't overload the outlets. And pick a day where the weather is cooperative--climbing around in the rain, sleet, or snow isn't advisable.

DO pace yourself Slow and steady isn't just for races, it's for hanging holiday lights, too. It requires a lot of patience and the ability to walk away when you need a break. Move your ladder as much as you need to when addressing different parts of your home to work in small areas at a time. Since fall and winter daylight hours are in short supply, putting up the lights may have to be a multi-day project, and that's ok! It will look great when you're done!

We here at Copeland Roofing wish everyone a blessed holiday!


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