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What’s New? Dayton Roofing Hints for First Time Homeowners

You bought your first home – congrats! We bet you’re looking around at the layout and features with a perspective you didn’t have before. It’s *all yours*, for better or worse. Copeland is here to give you some insight on a few common things you might experience in your first years with a roof of your own.


If you’ve rented before or lived with family, you may know how to spot a leak, but everything after that was handled by someone else. Seeing a water stain on the ceiling, or hearing a dripping noise that doesn’t belong, can strike fear in the heart of the first-time homeowner. Many times it’s just a cracked seal or loose flashing, but your first step should be contacting the right person for the job. A knowledgeable professional can assess a leak and give you a reasonable quote for repair with just a quick phone call.

Granule loss

Losing grit from the shingles on your roof is perfectly normal. Asphalt shingles are made of granules that can break off from foot traffic, weather, age, etc. One thing to keep an eye out for is how much is coming off. If you’re seeing piles of granules on the ground or in your gutters, it may be wise to have someone check it out. A manufacturer defect (if the roof is newer), damage from hail, or a roof past its prime could be causing the extreme granule loss. If the loss is severe enough, replacement may be in the cards.


You’ve inherited a roof that someone else had installed. Checking out the attic to make sure it’s properly ventilated can help prevent issues in the future. You want to verify that there is a method for hot air to escape the roof and that it’s adequate for the square footage of your home. We have a blog dedicated to the various types of venting you can find here. Inadequate ventilation can cause ice dams in the winter, which is another cause of water intrusion you may experience.

Roof extras

Special features such as a wood-burning fireplace, skylights, solar panels, or satellite service might have been a selling point when you bought the house, but they come with a little extra maintenance. Intact seals and flashing around openings for chimneys and skylights, and ensuring a watertight fit to the mounts for the solar panels and dishes on the roof, are vital to your roof’s integrity. Keep a close eye on them if you have any of those types of features and monitor for issues so you can catch anything early.

If you have any other questions or concerns as you navigate your new homeownership, feel free to reach out to us, as we have decades of experience helping first-time homeowners just like you!


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