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What’s That For? Dayton Roofing Questions Answered! Drip Edge Edition

Your roofing estimate describes all the things that will be completed with your installation. If you aren’t sure what one of the words means, it can be hard to feel comfortable signing off on the work. We’re here to help!

Drip edge, installed along—you guessed it—the edges of the roof, is a metal strip that helps the water flow from the roof into your gutters. The gutters are attached to your home on wooden boards called fascia (bonus jargon word today!). Without a drip edge, water could possibly seep into those boards and the roofing can even be compromised. Who wants that? Not you!

Having a drip edge installed is meant to protect the wood structures for your roof and gutter. Drip edge wasn’t always mandatory with a roof installation, but now it is part of the code requirements for Ohio. Who would have thought such a small thing could have such a big impact? It’s just another way we work to keep your house leak free!


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